I started this blog as an experiment to see if I have anything interesting to say.  Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t.  Regardless, interesting thoughts aren’t nearly as interesting as interesting dialogue, so please feel free and encouraged to comment on, support, or refute anything I write.

Examples of things I think are interesting right now (prone to change): incentives and the ways people make decisions, philosophy, moral relativism, close-mindedness, self-actualization, “happiness”, yuppies, being geographically transient, authenticity, relationships and how we manage them, the modern career path, entrepreneurship, innovation, engineering, energy,  a smattering of political and global issues, and more, I’m sure.  There’s not much that will be kept off intentionally.

I’ll try and keep everything in the form of a personal anecdote, or at least overtly from my personal paradigm and life experience.  I’m not here to pretend to be an objectivist or an expert in much of anything…just to celebrate thinking with others, engage in a little more of it myself, and hopefully get challenged often enough to change my stance on a thing or three.  Which brings me to…


My name is Ethan Carlson.  I’m 23 years old…a year and a half out of college.  I grew up in a very small farming community in rural, southeastern Minnesota, but moved to Connecticut in 2008 to go to Yale.  I like to think I have a few interesting perspectives to share on account of the various physical and socioeconomic spaces I’ve interacted with, but I find myself continuously assimilating into East Coast culture and less able to empathize with my roots…something that will definitely make its way into a post.

I moved to Providence, RI in January to work for a clean tech startup as a mechanical engineer and Venture for America Fellow.  Moving to Providence from New Haven was traumatic in a number of unexpected ways, and the process of graduating in general was the inception of many of the ideas I’ll explore here.

I believe in oxford commas, double spacing after periods, and using precise language.


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